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I spent a lot of time trying to figure out this problem.
My solution.

How to use the WIN key on Android.

1. Connect a USB keyboard, wireless radio or Bluetooth (with WIN key) to Android devices (with USB OTG support)
maybe it will work


2. Install on android
“Hacker’s Keyboard”
Hackers Keyboard Google Play
On Windows, remap the LALT and LWIN keys with “Sharpkeys”. (or another similar program)
(requires .NET Framework 4.0)
From now on, on PC and Android, the ALT key will work as WIN and vice versa.
Disadvantage: no ALT key on android.


3. Remap the keyboard shortcuts (not the WIN key itself) you want to use, eg SHIFT + WIN + right arrow on CTRL + F11 (OR ALT) using eg Autohotkey scripts or another program.
You can do this with the * .reg registry file, but it’s a bit tricky.
On android call the additional keyboard in “Hacker’s Keyboard” with the Fn key and press CTRL + F11.