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Not the same person, but also having issues with “unable to connect”.
Main things I tried were:
– reinstall wine 6.16
– tried 6.3 and 6.5
– tried playonlinux

All of them lead to the same message when trying to connect with “unable to connect” showing up.
There are some interesting things that I noticed while doing this:
– Host server isn’t showing up unless I enter the IP address for the device, whereas the HTML client and all other clients automatically detects the device.
– The installer finishes a little too fast compared to installing on a standard windows device.
– When attempting to connect or find a device, from wine logs, there is only one command that is run, wlanenuminterfaces.

Also as an additional question, are there any output logs for both the installer and client when an error occurs? I’d like to cross reference them with other installation attempts to see what’s wrong.