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Hi @eric_dc,

Will this only work if I am actively on a Wifi network with both devices?

Yes, spacedesk only operates when both primary and secondary machine are connected on the same local area network.

Also, is there an issue with data vulnerablity if I am on a public WIFI network
Or is this only commmunicating directly between the two devices

Security features is not yet supported (but will be available soon), so when there’s another device running a spacedesk viewer app (on the same local area network) it can also discover your primary machine and can connect.
For now, we have designed our server to pop up the server window every time there’s a new viewer connection event.

When using public wifi there’s a possibility that the viewer app will not be able to discover the spacedesk server. The main reason is that probably the wifi router settings has client isolation enabled.
Most of the public wifi has this settings enabled to prevent communication between connected devices.
If this is the case, you will not be able to connect spacedesk.

The only option to ensure that only you can connect to spacedesk is to setup your own private network e.g. Mobile hotspot or USB tethering connection.
Instruction on how to setup is available on our spacedesk user manual on Performance tuning -> Network Bandwidth chapter.

With VPN enabled, we cannot guarantee that spacedesk will also work.
In some cases it works, and other times it’s not.
For details please check Troubleshooting -> Network Connection -> VPN chapter in our spacedesk user manual.