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Hi @cqpeak,
Thank you very much for the feedback.
1. Currently, to emulate a right-click event, you have to do the left-click + hold then release gesture.
The actual right-click and scroll button click from a real USB mouse device are not yet being recognized by the spacedesk Android Viewer app.
We will ask our developer about this then get back to you.

2. Optimization of HTML5 viewer is currently not our priority at the moment.
We are focused on improving our native Viewer apps (e.g. Android/iOS/Windows).

3. Not sure what you are asking here, but you can also save the full spacedesk HTML5 web page locally so you don’t have to go to every time you want to connect the spacedesk.

4. Unfortunately, it’s not possible. The idea of spacedesk is to allow user to have another Windows desktop screen (mirrored/extended) over the local area network via secondary device’s e.g. Android, iOS, Windows, etc.