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More information:

When the Task Manager is on the extended display on the Android 5.1 tablet all appears to be fine. If the display is idle of nothing on it and no activity then on the Android Tablet the display is frozen on whatever was displayed on it last. Windows 10 shows that the extended display does not exist. Space desk driver on the primary Windows 10 machine is showing as idle and no remote remote network connections.

A few seconds after I double clicked the system tray icon to show the driver’s status window on the Android tablet it shows that the display is not connected and the network connection between the spacedesk driver and the app on the Android tablet was re-established.

It looks like the data connection over the WiFi is disconnected either from the Andoid App or the spacedesk driver and when I bring the spacedesk driver status to the foreground, after a few seconds the connection is established and the extended display resumes.

Android app’s option to auto-reconnect is turned on. Automatic connect is off. Automatic server discovery is on.

Hope this feedback helps.