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Hi @johncoool,
Thanks for the info – apologies for delayed feedback.
I think there’s no need for the dxdiag info to analyze this problem.
It seems that it’s a conflict between WinlockPro and Windows Explorer, we cannot do anything about it on our side.

Hopefully this new version of WinlockPro that you will try will fix its issue with the explorer.
Maybe you can also play around with the WinlockPro settings, I saw that it has various settings.
It probably has a specific settings there that directly affects the Windows Explorer.

By the way, spacedesk non Beta version will be released hopefully within this year.
It will be thru the viewer apps from various App Store (Apple App Store/Google Playstore/Microsoft Store).
The server/driver side will always be free to download (only viewer app will have a pay/Pro version).