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spacedesk Marcel

splashtop wired XDisplay virtual display driver can be uninstalled and installed in their “Advanced” menu option.
Then splashtop wired XDisplay cannot do Windows Desktop Extension any more (only Desktop Duplication / Mirroring).
Then splashtop wired XDisplay can coexist with spacedesk.

Currently splashtop wired XDisplay installs TWO virtual display drivers:
OLD: WDDM Filter Hook Driver (for Windows 10 1511 which is not even supported by Microsoft any more!)
NEW: WDDM IddCx Indirect Display Driver (for Windows 10 1607 and above)

If splashtop only removed their OLD unused virtual display driver (WDDM Filter Hook).
Then wired XDisplay could perfectly coexist with spacedesk and even do Windows Desktop Extension.

splashtop users – please tell them! Send them the link to this thread…