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Thanks for the response.

I cannot share the details in a public forum. I can send it to your inbox but I am unable to find the link for that in your profile. Please DM me and I will send the info that way.

I think that I found the conflicting software. The software is called Winlock professional. It is a paid security program. You can find it in the below link.
Winlock professional link:

It does not hang every single time. It would either do so each time or once every 2-3 times.

Winlock professional conflicts with Internet Explorer but it does not hang the Explorer.exe.

Maybe a newer version would not conflict with it but I just have an old version and an upgrade is not free.

Space desk connects normally when I disable the Winlock. Which is a workaround.

Please let me know if you need more information.

Will it always be free or is that just during the Beta testing phase?

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