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    I have tried replying to the last thread with this name ( but across multiple devices and times of day, it won’t let me reply, so i’m making a new topic.

    Here are the steps in answer to your previous question:
    1. Install SpaceDesk from the MS Store onto a Windows 10 tablet
    2. No configuration on the viewer (default space desk resolution and settings)
    3. Connect to host
    4. Set rotation for the viewer’s display to „Portrait (Flipped)“ in the host desktop’s settings (This is the view shown in my screenshots)

    I think the problem has less to do with the program itself and more about what hardware it’s installed on. It’s probably how Spaceadesk handles rotation/orientation/scaling on Windows TABLETS specifically. I’m not sure how Windows handles this exactly, but my theory is that rotation on tablets is handled differently from desktops, and SpaceDesk doesn’t know how to deal with the tablet’s style of rotation reporting. All the resolutions are correct, the output is just getting rotated and squished around. I’m not a Windows expert but that’s what I think so far…

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    Yes! It seems as if we are having the same problem, and both of us are using Windows tablets too. Coincidence? I think not… (Since I’m not the only one, this eliminates the possibility of hardware-related problems.) Does the Windows 7 version of the software work for you? Because I’m only having issues with the MS Store version. This image shows the same settings window with the same settings as described in my first post.

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    Yes. I think it may have something to do with the tablet itself and how the graphics driver/orientation works. Whenever I set a custom resolution like 800×600 in spacedesk, the values come out flipped on my Windows host machine (as 600×800 for example). So, I wanted to flip the values on the client’s side but had to scale it down to fit within the 800-pixel height limit. By scaling down the native resolution (1280×800) to 800×500, and then pre-flipping the values in spacedesk to 500×800, (hoping they will un-flip to be landscape) the image just comes out even more squished.

    (Possibly unrelated but maybe not) when the tablet boots up into windows, the loading animation circle is turned sideways and placed to the right of the RCA logo. I’m guessing this is because, on the hardware level, the default orientation is in portrait mode. the logo is turned 90 degrees just to look nice. example:

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