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    May I ask why this software is defecating everywhere on my computer? After my limited three attempts to reset my computer, he was able to quietly appear in my hidden tasks without my permission, without my knowledge. When I reset my computer, I chose to completely delete all files, without reinstalling it, and without opening this software. Why is this? I am really angry. I really dislike the behavior of software that cannot be completely deleted, as well as the behavior of installing and opening ice without permission. Can someone help me if you can provide some useful information. I would greatly appreciate it.

    spacedesk Marcel

    Please read the instruction manual underneath above page menu „Documentation“ ( ). Chapter „UNINSTALL ON WINDOWS PRIMARY MACHINE“ contains very detailed information about uninstall, troubleshooting uninstall and an overview of all spacedesk components.

    We cannot understand your statement: „…installing and opening ice without permission.“ What is this supposed to mean? How is it related to spacedesk? Nobody else reported anything like this before.

    PS: There was a minor issue in some old spacedesk versions: A small user interface component was observed to survive Windows system reset. This did neither do anything bad nor anything good. Nor were there any functional spacedesk components left after Windows system reset. This issue should have been fixed quite some time ago. Contemporary spacedesk versions should be completely wiped out by Windows system reset.

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