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    Ali Motisi

    I’d like to use a Surface Studio 2 as a second monitor from time to time but the highest resolution I can see from settings is:

    4096 x 2160

    Is there anyway to support the 4500×3000 resolution?
    Also, where does spacedesk save the configuration? Is there any way to edit the configuration file with a text editor?


    spacedesk Marcel

    This resolution limit only exists in the old spacedesk Viewer for Windows 7.
    Please try the new spacedesk Viewer for Windows from the Microsoft Store.
    There you should be able to define any custom resolution up to the native resolution.

    Ali Motisi

    Thank you for your kind reply. I really appreciate it, especially since the app is free.

    Unfortunately, I’ve installed the version form the store but the viewer says „Display: Off“ and it shows a black screen.
    The server thinks it’s working as it extends the display but there is only a black screen on the client.
    Any idea what the problem might be?

    Thanks and kind regards.

    spacedesk Lea

    Hi @alimot,
    We just managed to reproduce the same problem on our side.
    We will first fix it in our Windows 7 Viewer app.
    It will be released on the website today or tomorrow (version 0.9.34).
    Then please try out and let us know if this work for you.

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    Ali Motisi

    Thank you, I’ve also attached the logs. I look forward to the updated version for Windows 10.

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