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    Hi there!

    1.) Pinch to disconnect function is gone?
    About two version ago the funger pinch to disconnect function is not working on ipad anymore. Maybe it is connected to the change to always show the overlay button for a few seconds?
    Now the only way to disconnect the app is to quit from it, and when you reopen it the overlay button is visible for a short time and click disconnect there.

    2.) App disconnect around every minute when idle
    While my desktop app has a 300 seconds idle timeout the app disconnects and automatically reconnect around every minute.

    3.) Minor app crash bug
    If I disconnect the app but didn’t close the disconnection popup, just minimize the app and reopen it (not right away, it need more time!) it crashes and I need to open it again.

    4.) Minor: Desktop app idle timeout change
    This change needs an enter pushed after change, it would be much easier if it could be saved on changed state.

    Best regards,

    spacedesk Christian

    Hi @kergekacsa,

    Thank you very much for reporting this Issue. we were able to reproduce some of the issues on our side and already forwarded it to our iOS developers for checking.

    spacedesk Christian

    Hi @kergekacsa,

    Just an update with bug #1. based on our iOS developer, this is now an expected behavior. The on-screen menu has to be used to disconnect your iOS viewer from your server.

    We also released a new spacedesk iOS v1.75 in the store. it includes a fix for issue #2. Could you please try it and let us know if it’s working on your side?

Ansicht von 3 Beiträgen – 1 bis 2 (von insgesamt 2)
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