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    As title, my cursor stuck about 1~2 second something when I connect my pc (win 11) to my laptop (win 10) as the sceond screen.
    It really bother me because it stuck very frequently.

    I’ve tried to reduce image quality, fps rate and so on. but it dosen’t make it better.
    Hope if there is any solution for this.




    how do you connect the 2 devices, by cabel or wifi?
    Cabel would probably be the best.
    With wifi you could try to use WIN10 hotspot feature to connect the Win11 device directly to your Win10 wifi what would eliminate the router/access point so the signal has to travel one device less.



    I connect them via cabel

    And here is my network infrastructure

    laptop <—–> router <—–> PC

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    spacedesk Marcel

    spacedesk mouse can always be stuck due to network dropouts (better network connection -> less dropouts).
    In addition to this, there are situations when after being stuck first, the remoted mouse is still trailing.
    The reason: spacedesk mouse remoting network protocol is still lacking flow control.
    Fix is not expected any time soon (development is currently busy with higher prioritized issues and topics).
    Thus the only quick fix: Improve network performance and eliminate router. Routers always cause lags and hangs. Performance always improves when routers are circiumvented (either by connecting through WiFi-Hotspot or direct cable connection).


    Thanks for reply
    My ethernet cables were Cat.6 now, did them had enough performance for this qusetion?

    Eliminate router seem to be a good solution, but is there any other way to connect my pc and laptop?
    I had tried out connect them via using usb and ethernet cabel but it can not connect successfully.

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