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    I am reviewing this application for a high refresh rate application. I have a android Xiaomi Mi10T phone that supports 144hz refresh and plan to connect with usb from a Windows 10 pc with thunderbolt4 usb connection. I noticed that hardware acceleration is coming in version 2.0 What is the current max refresh rate (and in which configuration)? How soon will future development (updates) support the capabilities of 120hz and higher on the viewer? thank you, Peter

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    Hi @petresarr,
    Current spacedesk only support 30Hz or 60Hz refresh rate.
    On spacedesk Android Viewer app’s Settings -> Quality/Performance -> Custom FPS rate, you can only select 30FPS or 60FPS and it will correspond to the display’s refresh rate.

    As of now, we have no plans to support more than 60Hz.
    We set the max to 60Hz to limit the network bandwidth to prevent latency.


    Hey, I’m also hoping for a higher refresh rate. Maybe as an experimental or developer option. I’m using my tablet as second monitor and it supports 120hz and usb 3.0 with 5 Gbps. I use usb tethering for the connection to my PC so bandwith really shouldn’t be any problem. And to be honest 60hz is pretty old-fashioned these days.

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    Hi @apexcode,
    Unfortunately, we still don’t plan to support more than 60Hz at the moment.


    Hey, Its 2024 now, I guess its time to upgrade to higher refresh rate support now !!!!!!!

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