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    I discovered this bug when I was presenting to my class 2 days ago, which was unfortunate.

    Note: This only happens when HDR Display is ON

    To reproduce:
    1. Connect phone to PC via USB
    2. Enable Spacedesk via LAN IP
    3. Open Google Meet & Microsoft Powerpoint
    4. Present Screen using Powerpoint (using spacedesk monitor as presentation screen)
    5. Chrome crashes all the time

    Chrome does not crash when HDR Display is OFF.

    PC Specs:
    Windows 10 Pro X64 – 21H2 19044.1237
    Nvidia GTX 1650 Super – Driver Version 456.71
    Spacedesk Driver Version: 1.0.14

    Phone Specs:
    Oneplus 7T – Android 11
    Spacedesk App Version: 0.9.77

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    I updated the Nvidia Driver to 471.96, restarted the PC twice, but it still crashes when HDR is ON.

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    Hi @ej8989, chrome is crashing when spacedesk is connected and HDR is ON?
    Did you already tried without spacedesk connected and HDR is ON? Is the chrome not crashing in this case?


    Yes Chrome DOES NOT crash when sharing any window/screen while HDR is ON without spacedesk.

    Here’s a video demonstrating the problem (can be reproduced 100% on my system):


    Bug still occurs on v1.0.18 (latest) and updated Android App.

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    Thanks for the feedback. Is it only happening if there’s Google Meet & Microsoft Powerpoint involved?
    How about with other web browser (e.g. Edge, Firefox)? Is it crashing too? Or only Google Chrome?


    Thanks for the reply. I tried it with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Zoom.
    I found out that, when projecting via my phone using Spacedesk on USB while on HDR:

    1. Chrome and Edge will CRASH with any window shared via Zoom, Google Meet, and Messenger. So it is not exclusive with Powerpoint. All windows shared will cause the crash, including File Explorer.

    2. Zoom will also CRASH when sharing any window.

    3. On Firefox, it WILL NOT crash, regardless what window/program was shared.

    I hope this helps.

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